Different starting and ending points are available at extra charge or no charge depending on your location.
We start at beautiful Paleokastritsa described as the jewel of Corfu, this Arcadian, red-roofed town never fails to enchant. Paleokastritsa is one of the most famous locations on the island. You will visit the Byzantine Monastery of the Virgin, monastery’s gardens where you have spectacular views over the beautiful green and blue bays of the area with their crystal-clear turquoise waters.
From here we continue to Lakones. The village has been visited by many famous and important people over the years. Story goes that a Greek boat with refugees from Laconia (a village in the Peloponnese) stranded on the west coast of Corfu. Pirates and other groups of nasty characters regularly visited Corfu in those days and that was why it seemed to the survivors a good idea to seek refuge higher up. From afar, the uninvited visitors could be spotted in their boats and thus the brand new residents were prepared in advance for a proper reception of the villains. Also the location of the original village made it difficult to see it from land, sheltered as it was behind a rocky crag.